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For support on SpeechVibe, please visit the SpeechVibe Support Pages on the SpeechVibe website. From there, you can contact thier friendly and helpful technical support staff.

Examples for creating User Commands in SpeakToText and CoolInfo

Using SpeakToText User Commands to Operate X10 Modules in Active Home Pro by Speech.

Before Requesting Support

Our experience shows that most problems with software arise from not using the products correctly. Solutions to most common problems are found in the user manual, quick start guide or release notes. Our manuals and how-to videos offer an excellent overview of how to use our products. If after using these resources, you cannot solve your problem please submit a support request using the form provided in the link below.

Many problems with our speech recognition products are often caused by not properly setting up and training the speech engine, or are hardware related, such as poor quality or poorly adjusted microphones or low quality sound cards. Please make sure you have followed instructions before contacting support.

CoolSoft Technical Support Policy

Technical Support is are available only to customers who have purchased one of our products. You need your email address and the registration key or order number for your product to request support. However, because our software is licensed to you at such a low cost, support is provided at our discretion, and on a reasonable efforts basis only. Requests for support must be submitted on our website using the form provided. It is important for us to have complete information in order to be able to help you solve your issue, and we have designed a support request form for that purpose. Therefore, we do not accept support requests by email, and if you submit one, the reply will ask you to submit a support request on our website.

We cannot support issues related to the Microsoft Speech Recognition Engine or your email program. For help with the Microsoft Speech Engine, you need to contact Microsoft directly. For help with your email program, you need to contact the manufacturer.


Suggestions, feedback and comments on ways we can improve our products and service, are always welcome. Please send to Of course, feedback on what you like about our products is always appreciated.

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