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Updates FAQ's

Some of our CoolSoft products have update features. To use the update feature, you must be connected to the Internet. From the Help Menu select "Check for Updates" or use the "Check for Updates" button in the About dialog. If there is an update available for your product, the program will find it, download it, install it, and restart.

Product Update Status

SpeechVibe 1.1 Speech Recognition
SpeechVibe Update Page - This link opens a new window at the updates page.

SpeakToText 2.50 Speech Recognition
The latest Version 2.51 enhancements include an upgrade to User commands to enable inclusion of parameters such as a file to open with an application or a command to pass to an application when it starts. For example, you can now use SpeakToText User Commands to control modules in X10 Active Home Pro by speech or to create speech commands that specify which player when playing an audio or video file. Bug Fixes include a crash entering settings if the microphone was turned off, missing tool tips for user commands in the What Can I Say? dialog, and an error in user commands when the action was "run" or "open" and the Target field had spaces in the path.

Version 2.50 is a major upgrade with enhanced speech recognition functionality, upgrades to some features like .wav file recognition and user commands, and some new features and commands.

Version 1.95b updates to Version 2.35
Version 2.00 updates to version 2..35
Version 2.01 updates to version 2.35
Version 2.01a updates to version 2.35
Version 2.35 updates to Version 2.51
Version 2.50 updates to Version 2.51

Note: If you have a version prior to 2.35, you need to update to version 2.35 first, then update again to version 2.51. To update SpeakToText say "Click About," click on the About button or open the About dialog from the Help Menu. Then say "Check for Updates" or click on the Check for Updates button and follow the instructions.

Speak-to-Mail 1.0 Speech Recognition
Version 1.00.23 is the latest and there are currently no updates.

CoolInfo 1.10 Voice Recognition
CoolInfo Version 1.10 is the initial release, and there are no updates at this time.

SpamMonster 1.85 Anti Spam Filter
Version 1.70.009 upgrades to Version 1.85
Version 1.70.011 upgrades to Version 1.85

FlyingHouse 2.0
Version 2.0 is the latest release. There are curently no updates. If you purchased Version 1.0, send an email to, and we'll send you a free upgrade.

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