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Welcome to CoolSoft, LLC

About CoolSoft, LLC

CoolSoft, LLC is a privately held Florida limited liability company, dedicated to creating and developing software applications that are fun and easy to use, practical and affordable. Desktop speech recognition is of particular interest to us. Speaking to your computer and having it perform tasks and respond in a meaningful way is the wave of the future.

Our current speech recognition products include SpeechVibe (command & control and dictation), SpeakToText (a dictation product) and Speak-to-Mail (an email sending utility), each of which make using speech recognition affordable and easy.

We recently acquired the right to sell SpeechVibe Speech Recognition from Conceptual Speech Technologies, LLC. SpeechVibe provides the ultimate speech recognition experience for Microsoft Windows users through its Internet speech recognition enabled interface to browse the web and send e-mails, mouse and keyboard control with your voice, and dictation into any Windows application. With SpeechVibe, you can customize your speech recognition experience to your needs and individualize features available for each application. SpeechVibe Speech Recognition is so great, our founder invested in the company. Try SpeechVibe free for 30 days and you'll see it's truly amazing.

One of our goals here at CoolSoft, LLC has been to make speech recognition available to a wide community of users. In February 2007 we realized this goal with the release of CoolInfo - a FREE speech recognition utility that lets users get information from the Internet by speech. We are proud to be offering this useful speech recognition program to anyone FREE of charge.

Another of our great products is FlyingHouse 2.0 Webcam Software that lets you take pictures with your webcam and upload them to an FTP, where you can view them from anywhere with an Internet connection. It's a great alternative to high-priced network cameras and security software that was conceived when our founder asked the developers to come up with a utility so he could watch his house when he had to evacuate for hurricane Frances in 2004.

Also in our product lineup is a pre-release version SpamMonster, an email filter designed from the ground up to be easy and quick to configure, yet highly effective right out of the box, and fully customizable. Our motto for SpamMonster is: "Take back control of your inbox!"

To learn more about our products, please visit our home page by clicking on the Home link in the upper left hand corner. To find out how to become a reseller of our products, please email us at, and include Reseller Inquiry in the subject line.

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