Using SpeakToText User Commands to Operate X10 Modules in Active Home Pro by Speech


Starting with SpeakToText Version 2.51, User Commands can process commands that contain command syntax for an application.  The vertical slash "|" is used to separate the application path and the command syntax. 


To create a User Command that runs an application and gives it a command, the entry in the Target field of the Create User Command dialog has two parts: (Application Path|Command Syntax).   The first part before the vertical slash must contain the path to the application, and the second part after the vertical slash contains the command to be processed by the application when it runs.  Typically, any “Application Path|Command Syntax” combination that runs from the command line, will also run in User Commands by speech. 


With this functionality you can create User Commands to speech-enable your X10 Active Home Pro home automation system.  Here are instructions for creating a user command to turn on module A1.


From the Create User Commands dialog, enter the words you want to speak for your command and select Run (or Open) from the Action dropdown.  In the Target field, browse to the location of ahcmd.exe and select that file as the target (typically “C:\Program Files\Common Files\X10\Common\ahcmd.exe”).  Then type in "|" (vertical slash) and the desired command for the module (in this example "sendplc a1 on" to turn module A1 on).  For this command, the Target field in the Create User Commands dialog should contain the following:


C:\Program Files\Common Files\X10\Common\ahcmd.exe|sendplc a1 on



Note:  There is no space between the application path, the vertical slash and the command syntax.


The following are examples the User Command syntax for turning off and dimming (by 20%) module A1:


C:\Program Files\Common Files\X10\Common\ahcmd.exe|sendplc a1 off

C:\Program Files\Common Files\X10\Common\ahcmd.exe|sendplc a1 dim 20



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