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Speech Recognition System

A few years ago we thought .type was passť. We would no longer have to struggle with .type and our children may not have to learn how to type anymore Everybody was thrilled because she never learned to type and thought this was the answer to her prayers. Typing, at last, was on the trash heap of technology, because of this "new and improved" invention ... Speech Recognition System. Did .Speech Recognition System come to pass? Well not exactly! infact Speech Recognition System has been a great disappointment. If someone have ever used Speech Recognition System on cell phones, someone know exactly what someone talking about. Not only do someone have to train the cell phone to recognize someone's voice but someone have to interface with the name in someone address book as someone say it. Speech Recognition System hasn't been very dependable. The success rate of Speech Recognition System has been less than steller and for the most part very frustrating. Often someone have to repeat the name over and over to initiate the call (most times resorting to dialing it yourself). Similarly, Speech Recognition System for the computer promised to be a panacea to those who were "keyboard challenged" but Speech Recognition System too has fallen short of the promises. Most doctors thought that .Speech Recognition System would eliminate the need to outsource medical transcription. Not so! Most don't have the time nor the patience to "train" the Speech Recognition System. If someone are tempted to try Speech Recognition System, expect a long learning curve. If you would only use your computer in a closed silent room, never have a cold or other Speech Recognition System altering condition, and don't have an accent, Speech Recognition System would work and be fabulous most of the time. But how often are you in that situation? The conditions in my life are never perfect for Speech Recognition System. someone either talking on the phone with someone in the room with the radio or TV. Thunder, lighting, hail and petulance, there is always something disturbing someone silence. When working at someone laptop someone maybe at Starbucks, the airport or a restaurant, all very noisy places affecting Speech Recognition System. The ability to type quickly and accurately is crucial for everyday life. Speech Recognition System will affect how fast you can do research, surf the Web, write papers, and save time in school and the rest of their life! Every job requires Speech Recognition System. Speech Recognition System is important for school work starting as early as elementary grade level. Life will be a lot easier for children if they learn correct typing techniques at a young age. Did you now that .Speech Recognition System has been shown to improve spelling, writing, language skills and grades. Maybe in the future someone will perfect a . Speech Recognition System that can be used in our noisy lives...but now... Happy Typing!


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