CoolSoft LLC Announces the Upgrade of SpamMonster 2.0 Anti Spam Filter Pre-Release Version 1.85


SpamMonster 2.0 Anti Spam Filter is a new technology in anti spam filtering that is highly effective, yet easy to setup and use.



Vero Beach, FL (PRWEB) October 16, 2006 [CoolSoft, LLC] ( announces the availability of a pre-release version 1.85 of its upcoming new title, SpamMonster™ 2.0 Anti Spam Filter.   This pre-release candidate is an entirely new technology in anti spam filtering designed from the ground up to overcome many of the short comings of existing anti spam filters. 


SpamMonster 2.0 is the anti spam filter computer users have been waiting for,” said Paul Lagassey of CoolSoft, LLC.  “Before we started building SpamMonster 2.0 we did research on what users liked and did not like in anti spam filters.  The top two complaints were missing important emails from new contacts, and that anti spam filters take a long time to setup and configure before they are effective.  We listened to what users had to say.  SpamMonster takes only five minutes to set up and is highly effective right out of the box.  Yet its filtering capabilities can be fully customized as well.  And filtered emails can be easily recovered to help prevent the loss of an important email from a new contact.”


Lagassey went on to say: “Although SpamMonster is not finished yet, we have been using it in our offices for some time now, and are very pleased with its functionality.  So, we decided to make a pre-release version available at half price.  This and future pre-release versions of SpamMonster 1.85 Anti Spam Filter will upgrade to the final release free of charge making it an excellent value for potential users.”


SpamMonster 2.0 Anti Spam Filter has a user-friendly interface, and a setup wizard that takes only about five minutes to run.  It can even add your contacts to the friends list.  SpamMonster has five filtering lists and can filter multiple accounts at desired time intervals.  It quarantines emails from unknown senders so that email from an important contact who’s email address didn’t get added to your friends list in time, can be easily recovered.  And the remote commands feature (patents pending) lets users add email addresses to their filtering lists and run other commands on their computer from anywhere just by sending themselves an email. 


A free thirty-day trial version of this pre-release version of SpamMonster 2.0 Anti Spam Filter is available at



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