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SpamMonster Anti Spam Filter
SpamMonster 1.0 CD


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SpamMonster™ Anti Spam Filter version 1.85 is an pre-release of version 2.0 that will be completed and released in late 2008. Although it's not quite finished yet, we've been using ourselves and have found it to be highly reliable, and stable. So we've decided to release an early version at half price. This version 1.85 will upgrade free to future pre-release versions and the final 2.0 version when it is released, so this is an excellent value.

Take back control of your inbox with SpamMonster™ Anti Spam Filter

SpamMonster™ Anti Spam Filter is easy to setup and use. In just five minutes you can get rid of Spam, and still protect important messages. Filtering lists are easy to setup and manage, and provide you with a high degree of control over your email. SpamMonster™ sends a “challenge message” to unknown senders and quarantines their message. If the sender replies, his or her original email is automatically restored and sender is added to your “friends” list. It’s that simple! Using the find feature (new in pre-release 1.85) you can find and restore filtered emails from quarantine with the click of a mouse, so there’s less chance that you’ll miss an important email. The new remote commands feature (new in pre-release 1.85) lets you add emails to your friends list and run other commands from anywhere just by sending yourself an email with the command and your password in the subject line. And there's much more!

Download now (2 megs) for only for $19.95. Fully upgradable to the final version when released. An excellent value! See SpamMonster Anti Spam Filter in the Microsoft Solution Marketplace.

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