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Bug Tracking is the same web-based utility used by our software developers to manage their projects. This series of ASP pages when installed on a server under an active URL is accessible to your development team. Highly customizable, you can used the default parameters that come with Bug Tracking or you can add/modify your own parameters. Parameters include projects, categories, priorities, status, and users. You can even use Bug Tracking to manage your beta testers, and there's an email feature that notifies the responsible user whenever an issue is modified.

Bug Tracking is more than just a software development tool. It's a must have for any small to medium sized organization with project management needs, particularly in this mobile environment where team members telecommute or work at diffrent times from different places. CoolSoft's founder uses BugTracking to manage his own real estate renovation projects.

Bug Tracking can be used with Windows 2000 server, Windows 2000 or Windows XP, and requires IIS 4/5 and ASPMAIL (available from Click the "Learn More" link below to view the Bug Tracking user manual.

Download only, $299.00

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