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Welcome to CoolSoft, LLC

Here are some of our favorite websites:

Exchange links with us. Click here to learn how. Here are some of our favorite websites:

Everyone needs a HatLight!

Website development, hosting, business solutions and software solutions. They helped create and maintain our website. If you like it, please visit them. And yes, they do speak English.

Real Life Recipes
Old family recipes and the traditions behind them. You can share yours too!

Kidd of Speed
This woman from the Ukraine rides her Kawasaki Ninja through Chernobyl. Interesting. Some other interesting pages on WWII.

Kennedy Space Center
Learn about upcoming rocket launches.

Dragon Medical + Legal Transcription & Voice Recognition Software
Dragon Naturally Speaking by Nuance - formerly ScanSoft, Medical & Legal Transcription and Voice Recognition software.



Food & Drink (New)

Good 4 You Herbal Teas – Some great hand-crafted herbal teas. We like them and we think you will too.

Space & Science

NASA – A great site about our space program.

Kennedy Space Center – Learn about upcoming rocket launches.

Spaceflight Now - Another great website about space exploration, covers launches and space exploration world-wide.

Search Engines and Iternet

Google, Ask Jeeves, Google Maps and MapQuest are also really useful. Although I’m usually too busy to bother with these, sites like YouTube, FaceBook and MySpace are popular with many of my friends.


National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the unclassified weather data pages from the US Navy Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center. Everything you could possibly want to know about the weather.

Latest Radio Fax Charts Boston and Northwest Atlantic Briefing – North Atlantic maritime weather.

U.S. Offshore Marine Text Forecasts by Zone – Covers the Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, Tropical Atlantic and Pacific.

NOAA Storm Watch – This page covers the entire USA

NOAA Hurricane Sectors – For the east coast, Gulf coast and the Caribbean.

GEOS Satellite – Provides Visible, Water Vapor and Infrared views for East and West Coasts, the Caribbean, Alaska and Hawaii.

Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Danger Area – View and track any Atlantic hurricanes and tropical storms.

National Hurricane Center – An indispensible resource if you live along the coast of the southeast US or Gulf of Mexico.

Intellectual Property

Patent sites include the USPTO, the Europe an Patent Office and EPOnline.

Software and Computers

Mozilla Sea Monkey – A great integrated Internet suite, with browser and emal combined into one application. – Keep a copy of your favorite videos on YouTube and other video sites. Just drop the link for your video on this page. Within seconds, the page returns a download link for flash video (.flv) copy.

BONIC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing) and SETI@Home. A distributed computing system and software that enables researchers to tap into the unused processing power of people’s home and office computers.

Connected Software – The makers of Address Magic, which we use in some of our titles. The best software in the industry for address book management with email clients.

ThumbsPlus – Use this to create webpages with your images and much more. Developed by Cerious Software, it’s great!

LavaSoft Ad-Aware and SpyBot Search & Destroy – These two catch most adware and spyware.

Soft Byte Labs – Makers of two very useful programs - NameWiz for managing file names, and BlackWidow, a great site ripper.

PolderbitS Software – They make a great sound recorder/editor.

Dillobits Software – Makers of YATS – Yet Another Time Synchronizer – Keeps your computer clocks current.

Replay Products Suite – By Applian Technologies. This suite of products lets you record all kinds of media from the Internet.

The Ultimate Trouble Shooter – from Answers That Work. This is an indispensible tool for tweaking your PC and keeping it running smoothly. .

Instant Demo Pro – We use it to do our own flash software demos and how-to presentations.

Rose City Software – This company has lots of great titles. Our favorite is their synchronization software which we use to backup our servers and computers.

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