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SpeechVibe Speech Recognition
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SpeechVibe 2.0 CD
NEW: Enhanced Version 2.0 just released. SpeechVibe Speech Recognition is an affordable voice recognition program that fully replaces a mouse and keyboard for even the most difficult task. It offers universal mouse-control through automated hot-spots and a mouse-grid to perform more complex operations like drag-and-drops. further allows dictation anywhere with unprecedented formatting flexibility and a quick alternate replacement for an enhanced speech to text user-experience. Other features like text-to-speech, command and control, application-launching voice commands, and a speech-enabled Internet browser environment are also available.

This version of SpeechVibe Speech Recognition, although inexpensive, is feature packed with the most user-friendly experience that you could expect from a speech recognition product today. The intuitive interface together with easy to follow how-to videos and documentation on the website make it easy for you to succeed at using voice recognition on your computer. We think this is the best speech recognition program available today, and our price certainly makes it the best value. Try our 15 day free trial and you'll see what we mean.

SpeechVibe Speech Recognition is built for Windows 2000, XP and Vista. See Our Listing in the Microsoft Solution Marketplace

Visit the SpeechVibe Videos and Documentation Page on the website for several brief demo videos that show you how powerful and easy it really is to use SpeechVibe.

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