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CoolInfo 1.0 Voice Recognition

CoolInfo™ 1.0 Voice Recognition is a FREE speech recognition program distributed by CoolSoft, LLC. Yes, that’s right; finally, free speech recognition for everyone. CoolInfo is both useful and fun to use. With CoolInfo, you can get information from the Internet by speech, including news, weather, horoscopes, joke of the day and other news and weather websites of common interest. Users can also search Google, Yahoo, eBay and MSN entirely by speech. Other CoolInfo features let you create your own speech commands to start programs, open files, browse web pages and make their computer speak back to them; and use the Windows calculator with speech. CoolInfo is a sponsored program that displays banner ads and speaks messages for our sponsors, which makes it possible for CoolSoft to offer speech recognition for free. So please remember to visit our sponsors. See CoolInfo Voice Recognition in the Microsoft Solution Marketplace.

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CoolInfo runs as a fully functional trial for 30 days. After 30 days, it must be registered and registration is FREE. To get your FREE registration key click the “Get Free Key” button in the trial dialog or visit and complete the registration page. After registering, the trial dialog and time limitation are removed. For best results, each user should setup and train his or her own speech recognition profile (watch the “how to” video in the help menu) and use a good quality headset microphone. Say “What Can I Say” to display a list of available speech commands. To create your own speech commands, say “click settings” and go to the “User Commands” tab. All CoolInfo buttons have tool tips that indicate their functionality and speech command. The Manual and Quick Start Guide are accessible from the Help menu.

Examples of CoolInfo speech commands are “search Google speech recognition” (search command plus search term) which opens your search in the default browser, and “horoscope Taurus” which opens the daily horoscope for Taurus in the CoolInfo window (CoolBrowse) and reads the contents. To read or re-read the contents of CoolInfo, say “read info.” To pause or stop reading, click on the pause or stop reading buttons. If CoolInfo disappears in the background, say “click focus” to bring it back into view. To start the calculator, say “start calculator.” To open a link in the CoolInfo window in Internet Explorer, right click on the link and select “Open in new window.” To move between pages in the CoolInfo window, right click and select “back” or “forward.” To visit a sponsor, click on the banner.

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