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For an brief overview on using CoolInfo, see below. We recommend you print or bookmark this page.

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Overview on Using CoolInfo
Train the Speech Engine - For best results, each user should setup and train his or her own speech recognition profile. To learn how to setup and train speech recognition on your computer, play the "How to.." video from the CoolInfo Help menu or start programs group. This video is also available in the support section of our website. Using a good quality headset microphone is important to achieving good speech recognition accuracy. To buy a headset microphone or any of our other speech recognition titles, please visit our homepage at

CoolInfo Speech Commands - To see a list of available speech commands, from CoolInfo, say "What Can I Say" to open the What Can I say? dialog. Say scroll down/up to scroll through the list of commands. Place the cursor over a command to display a tool tip about the command. To see the most recent list of available CoolInfo Information Commands, Click here. If a command you want is not in this list, you can create your own speech commands with the User Commands feature (see below).

CoolInfo Demo - To see a demo of CoolInfo, Click here.

Examples of CoolInfo speech commands are: Search Commands - Say "search Google speech recognition" which comprises the search command plus search term (in this example the search term being "speech recognition"). This command opens your search in the default browser.

Horoscope - Say "horoscope Taurus" (or any other sign) and this opens the daily horoscope for Taurus in the CoolInfo window (we call this the CoolBrowse window) and reads the contents.

News - Say "headline news" and CoolInfo displays and reads the top three stories. Say "What can I Say" to see other available news categories.

Weather - Say "Weather" plus your zip code to get today's weather (US Zip Codes only).

Buttons - All CoolInfo buttons have tool tips that indicate their functionality and speech command. Just scroll over the buttons with your arrow to display the tool tips.

User Commands - To create your own speech commands, say "click settings" or click the "Settings" button. Then go to the "User Commands" tab. The last section of the CoolInfo Quick Start Guide shows some examples of various types of user commands.

Using the Calculator With speech - To start the calculator, say "start calculator." Read the instructions in the CoolBrowse window. Say "What Can I Say" to display the calculator commands. Turn the microphone off and on again by clicking the microphone button after you are done using the calculator to disconnect CoolInfo from the calculator.

Reading - To read or re-read the contents of CoolInfo CoolBrowse window, say "read info." To pause or stop reading, click on the pause or stop reading buttons.

Navigation - To open a link displayed in the CoolInfo CoolBrowse window in a new Internet Explorer window, right click on the link and select "Open in new window" (recommended if you plan to follow more than a few links or purchase something). To move between pages in the CoolBrowse window, right click and select "back" or "forward." To visit a sponsor, click on the banner.

Where is CoolInfo? - If CoolInfo disappears in the background, say "click focus" to bring it back into view.

More Resources - To view a copy of the CoolInfo Manual or Quick Start Guide, say "Open Manual" or "Open Quick Start." The Manual and Quick Start Guide are also accessible from the CoolInfo Help menu as well.

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Last Updated on 12/7/2023