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CoolSoft LLC Announces the Release of SpeechVibe Speech Recognition Software


SpeechVibe is the best solution to drive entirely by speech your Microsoft Windows operating system and all your favorite applications. 


NEW - Vero Beach, FL – July 3, 2007 - [CoolSoft, LLC] ( Announces that it has acquired the rights to distribute SpeechVibe 1.1 Speech Recognition, and has just released this exciting new speech recognition title on its website. 


Paul Lagassey, founder and manager of CoolSoft, LLC said "SpeechVibe is the best solution to drive entirely by speech your Microsoft Windows operating system and all your favorite applications.”  SpeechVibe is published by Conceptual Speech Technologies, LLC, the makers of two enterprise level products, Conceptual Speech Commander (CSC) to perform conceptual speech recognition, and Conceptual Language Understanding Engine (CLUE) to perform a similar conceptual analysis and processing of text.  Lagassey went on to say "I was so impressed SpeechVibe and its programming team that I invested in the company.  This is a great addition to our already existing line of exceptional speech recognition software.  

SpeechVibe can perform every single operation on the Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP operating system that used to require
keyboard or mouse interactions, but this time by the exclusive use of voice. SpeechVibe enables innovative interactions through speech, including drag-and-drop operations, from any point on the desktop to another, and dictation into any application that accepts text input, just to name a few.

SpeechVibe 1.0 has a user-friendly interface and comes with state-of-the-art voice recognition technology from Microsoft Corporation.  To welcome new speakers to the speech recognition community, SpeechVibe has a robust Wizard to guide users towards a productive use of this speech recognition technology. With SpeechVibe, users can surf the web and send e-mails by speech, much more efficiently than through keyboard and mouse interactions.

To browse webpages and send emails, SpeechVibe automatically reads the browser's favorites and the user's address book.  And with its dictation feature, SpeechVibe enables speakers to dictate anywhere within the Windows operating system which accepts typing, while offering at the same time the ability to correct potential misrecognitions in such a way that it is not cumbersome to the speaker.

SpeechVibe is an ideal solution for helping users prevent or manage carpal tunnel syndrome or who have other disabilities that make it difficult to type or use the mouse. Through the implementation of multiple superposed, translucent windows over standard windows,   SpeechVibe complements and integrates within the operating system, while offering voice interactions with every aspect of typical usage.

“SpeechVibe offers a new way to interact with computers for speakers; but this time, it's the computer that is adapting to the speaker and not the other way around," said Lagassey.  "Now people can really put aside their keyboard and mouse, and use speech to control most interactions with their computer. And best of all, SpeechVibe gives users much of the functionality, and in some aspects even more, of high priced speech recognition programs for a fraction of the cost. There are only about 20 commands to learn, and each of these commands has multiple natural ways to be invoked. As long as it's within the feature set of SpeechVibe, the speaker just needs to think about what he or she wants to do, say it in their own words, and SpeechVibe will do it for them."

Download at thirty-day trial of SpeechVibe at  Read overview of SpeechVibe at


About CoolSoft, LLC

CoolSoft, LLC is a privately held Florida limited liability company, dedicated to creating and developing software applications that are fun and easy to use, practical and affordable. Speech recognition software is of particular interest to us.  Please visit our website for more information or to view more information about our titles and free trials.



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