CoolSoft LLC Upgrades and Re-Releases Speak-to-Mail™ 1.0, Powerful Voice Recognition Software that is Fun, Easy to Use and Affordable


Speak-to-Mail 1.0 Voice  Recognition Software, an Email Utility That Lets Users Create and Send Email Entirely By Speech



Vero Beach, FL (PRWEB) May 3, 2005 -- CoolSoft, LLC ( announces the re-release of the enhanced Speak-to-Mail 1.0, an email sending utility that enables users to create and send email using voice recognition. Speak-to-Mail 1.0 is a speech to text email utility solution that lets users dictate and send email with Outlook Express, Outlook and Netscape 7.x, without touching a mouse or keyboard.


 Speak-to-Mail 1.0 reads the contact information from the user's default email program and uses voice recognition to let users select recipients, dictate the subject and body and send the email entirely by speech.  Speak-to-Mail 1.0 also includes natural language modeling technology so users can start and setup an email in a single sentence. It even lets users ask for and be read a contact's phone numbers. Like SpeakToText 2.0, CoolSoft's other speech recognition software, Speak-to-Mail 1.0 is an ideal solution for helping users prevent or manage carpal tunnel syndrome or who have other disabilities that make it difficult to type.


CoolSoft, LLC acquired the rights to Speak-to-Mail 1.0 from a third party in 2004, and since then has made significant enhancements and upgrades to the program's functionality. "Speak-to-Mail 1.0 speech recognition software is an ideal complement to our other speech recognition products," said Paul Lagassey of CoolSoft, LLC. "Now people can write and send their email without having to use their mouse and keyboard. And best of all, Speak-to-Mail 1.0, is priced much lower than most speech recognition programs, giving users an excellent value for their money." Lagassey went on to say "This was an important consideration in our decision to re-release Speak-to-Mail 1.0 under the CoolSoft umbrella."


Speak-to-Mail 1.0 has a user-friendly interface and comes with state-of-the-art voice recognition technology from Microsoft Corporation.  The SpeakToText 2.0's echo feature even lets the user dictate directly into other applications. Speak-to-Mail 1.0 comes with a detailed user manual, an easy to follow quick start guide, and a "How To" video on setting up and training speech recognition. "


"Our goal is to make it easy for users to succeed in using speech recognition. With these resources, in a short time, users can become experts at using speech recognition," says Lagassey. "We hope our complement of speech to text products will help users get the most out of using voice recognition with their computers."


The voice-to-text solution also gives users the ability to dictate to a number of other programs and applications.


To learn more about Speak-to-Mail 1.0, see a demo video and get a free 30 day trial version, visit the CoolSoft website at:


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