Florida Software Developer CoolSoft, LLC Releases New Webcam Software In Time For Hurricane Season


FlyingHouse 2.0 Webcam Software is an excellent low-cost alternative to high-priced   and security software.


Vero Beach, FL (PRWEB) August 15, 2006http://www.coolsoftllc.com  - [CoolSoft, LLC] (www.CoolSoftLLC.com) announced the release of FlyingHouse™ 2.0 webcam software.  FlyingHouse was originally developed in 2004 by Le Groupe MontrealSoft, Inc. as a utility for the Company’s founder, Paul Lagassey, so he could monitor his home remotely during hurricanes France and Jeanne.  As a joke, the developers named the utility FlyingHouse.  Mr. Lagassey liked this title and kept it when the CoolSoft released the first consumer version of FlyingHouse in 2005.


“FlyingHouse 2.0 has been rewritten from the ground up in Visual Studio .Net.  It is more robust, and works with a wider variety of webcams than the original release,” said Mr. Lagassey.


FlyingHouse is designed to take pictures with an ordinary webcam, and upload these pictures to a remote FTP site.  It is designed to switch to a dialup or wireless connection when the network connection is lost, and to resume the network connection when it is restored.  This enables FlyingHouse to continue functioning on a backup power source in the event of a power failure, for example as caused by a hurricane, and to resume functioning when power is lost.


Although FlyingHouse webcam software was originally designed for emergency operations, this newest release has many other uses.  Priced at $34.95, it works with standard low-cost webcams, and is an excellent alternative to high-priced security software and network cameras.  Mr. Lagassey noted that FlyingHouse can be used to do time-lapse photography, even where there is no Internet connection.  It can also be used as a security device to catch a thief.  For example, leave FlyingHouse running on your computer, and if someone takes your computer while you are gone, his or her picture is uploaded to an FTP and you can identify the perpetrator.


FlyingHouse 2.0 webcam software is available by download in a fully functional 30 day trial on the CoolSoft, LLC website at http://www.coolsoftllc.com/main.asp#26, and can be purchased for $34.95 at http://www.coolsoftllc.com/store.asp?product=26.


About CoolSoft, LLC

CoolSoft, LLC is a privately held Florida limited liability company, dedicated to creating and developing software applications that are fun and easy to use, practical and affordable. Our main focus is Speech recognition, anti spam filtering and webcam software.  For more information, please visit http://www.coolsoftllc.com/



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