CoolSoft LLC Announces the Upgrade of SpeakToText™ 2.0 Speech Recognition Version 2.50


SpeakToText 2.0 Voice Recognition Software Enables Users to dictate and text into almost any application



Vero Beach, FL (PRWEB) October 16, 2006 [CoolSoft, LLC] ( announces the release of an upgraded SpeakToText™ 2.0 Speech Recognition, its flagship voice recognition softwareSpeakToText 2.0 Speech Recognition is a speech to text software solution that allows users to dictate text into almost any application, send chat messages and email hands free, create their own speech commands and recognize audio files they create on their PC or personal recorder.  SpeakToText 2.0 Speech Recognition software gives users much of the functionality of high-priced voice recognition software at a fraction of the cost.


SpeakToText 2.0 is the speech recognition software computer users have been waiting for,” said Paul Lagassey of CoolSoft, LLC.  “Now users can create their documents, emails and instant messages without touching their keyboards.  SpeakToText 2.0 Speech Recognition features convenient tool tips, a What Can I Say? dialog and detailed documentation available in the help menu to give users all the resources they need to succeed with using speech recognition.


Among the many new features in this latest release of SpeakToText 2.0 Speech Recognition Version 2.50 are:


·         Improvements to the speech recognition layer and microphone management to make speech recognition more robust,

·         Improved functionality in Advanced Mode and the addition of a system tray icon and right click menu.

·         Improved text to speech capabilities for reading text from SpeakToText, other applications and the clipboard, including four new read commands.

·         Improved .wav file processing.  SpeakToText no longer minimizes and now lets you see the progress as a .wav file is being processed.

·         New auto-send chat messages every 30 seconds to compliment voice chat conversations in programs such as Skype.

·         Addition of new functions in user commands.  Users can now create their own multiple step user commands to start programs, open files, browse webpages, make their computer talk back to them and much more. 

·         Addition of user commands and tool tips to the What Can I Say” dialog.

·         Numerous new speech commands added to further enhance functionality.


And of course, users of this and future releases of SpeakToText 2.0 Speech Recognition can use the upgrade feature to automatically upgrade to the latest version free of charge.


Lagassey said “Our goal is to put speech recognition on everyone’s desktop.  SpeakToText 2.0 Speech Recognition makes good quality voice recognition software available to most users user who couldn’t afford it before.  It’s functional, easy to use and just the program people have been waiting for.”


SpeakToText 2.0 Speech Recognition has a user-friendly interface and comes with state-of-the-art voice recognition technology from Microsoft Corporation.  SpeakToText 2.0 Speech Recognition is compatible with most programs including Microsoft Word, AOL Instant Messenger, Microsoft Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, Skype, Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape, Mozilla and many more.  The voice to text solution lets users dictate text directly into these and many other programs. 


A free thirty-day trial version of SpeakToText 2.0 Speech Recognition is available at



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