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CoolSoft LLC Announces its participation in the Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP) 20th Anniversary Promotion.


CoolSoft, LLC to give $20.00 off selected titles from July to September.   


NEW - July 3, 2007: CoolSoft, LLC has announced its participation in the Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP) 20th Anniversary Promotion.  For this promotion, participating members are offering discounts of 20% or $20 off selected software titles.


Paul Lagassey, founder and manager of CoolSoft, LLC said "CoolSoft belongs to the ASP.  As a member of this great organization, we are proud to participate in this promotion,.  During the months of July through September, CoolSoft is offering $20.00 off on four of our CoolSoft titles.  This represents a substantial discount of up to 60% on some of our titles.  


CoolSoft titles that are eligible for a $20 discount during this promotion are:


SpeechVibe Speech Recognition

SpeakToText Speech Recognition

Speak-to-Mail Speech Recognition

FlyingHouse Wecbam Software


CoolInfo Voice Recognition is also available for free.


To learn more about CoolSoft, visit the CoolSoft, LLC home page


To learn more about the promotion, visit the CoolSoft ASP 20th Anniversary Promotion page for discount coupons and instructions.


To learn more about the ASP, visit the ASP Consumer Information Site.


To learn more about the promotion and other participating companies and titles, visit the ASP 20th Anniversary Discounts page.


About the ASP

Since 1987, the ASP, a professional software association, has been dedicated to the advancement of shareware, also known as try-before-you-buy software, as an alternative to conventional retail software. Today the ASP is a vibrant organization with over 1000 of members around the world working together to improve their businesses and making it easier for computer users to find quality software at reasonable prices.  It's members produce some of the finest software available today.


About CoolSoft, LLC

CoolSoft, LLC is a privately held Florida limited liability company, dedicated to creating and developing software applications that are fun and easy to use, practical and affordable. Speech recognition software is of particular interest to us.  Please visit our website for more information or to view more information about our titles and free trials.



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CoolSoft, LLC